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Mar 8, 2003, 7:52 PM

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Re: [Khoobg] A Doggy Dream Vacation


Is this a great forum or what? SmileSmile

Thks to HC Yeap for initiating and sharing a great vacation oppurtunity for us. Since this is sort of a firsts for both parties concerned (ie. us and the hotel management) let's set some ground rules so that this would be a happy occasion and hopefully open doors for other vacation spots locally.

I have searched the net for some info on hotel etiquette for doggies..and hv complied a set of guidelines to follow. Please read it thru and send me your feedback. Once finalised, this would be the ground rules for us to follow while on our vaction at the Damai Laut Resort.

Here goes:

Hotel Etiquette for dogs

Essential Do's
  • Travel with a well-behaved dog that is friendly to people especially children and other doggies.
  • Please keep your dog leashed at all times especially when outside or traveling. This is to protect both the dog and people that are afraid of dogs. Moreover even people with leashed dogs will greatly appreciate it.
  • Avoid leaving your dog alone in the hotel room. Some dogs, no matter how well-trained, can cause damage, bark continuously or scare the housekeepers. However, if you must leave the dog in the hotel, leave him crated. Leave your mobile phone # or a number where you can be reached with the front desk while you're out.
  • While you are in the room with your dog, place the Do Not Disturb sign on the door or keep the door latch on. This will avoid scaring visitors and prevent the doggies from running out accidentally when the doors are open.
  • When your dog needs to go to the bathroom, take him or her outside. Look for some grass or bushes nearby. (We will request the hotel to have a designated pet walk/toilet area) For those who paper-trained their doggies, please do it in the bathrooms or a non-carpeted area.
  • Pick up after your dog (and anyone else's) outside.. Folks, this aspect we have to be merciless. Absolutely no pooh-poohs to be left behind. Remember, first impressions are vital.

Highly recommended Dos
  • Carry your own cleaning solutions to clean up any accidents, and don't use hotel towels. Travel with your own paper towels.
  • Take a sheet from home and put it over the bedspread if your dog is on the bed.
  • Place the Food & Water Dishes in the Bathroom. This makes it easier to clean up, in case of spillages.
  • Keep your Pets OFF the Furniture or bring a Sheet to cover that chair your doggie must sit in.

  • Don't groom or bathe your dog in your room. To wash off the sand and seawater, use the designated outside facilities.
  • Don't take the doggies to high traffic areas like lobbies, swimming pools, eateries. We have to respect the local customs. (The apartments would be fully equipped so we can do a cook in, or else we can arrange for the hotel to bring the food in for us at a designated area if we wish to eat with our doggies by our side)

Rdgs Arthur

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