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Dec 15, 2004, 8:04 AM

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Malaysia K9 Day , January 9th, 2005

PUPPY is organizing the Malaysia K9 Day on January 9th, 2005 and full details as follow :-
Venue : Central Park, Bandar Utama, Kuala Lumpur
Date : January 9th, 2005 , Sunday
Time : 8:30am to 3:00pm
Audience : Dog Lovers and their Dogs and General Publics. All Dogs, Mixed Breed or Pure Breed are welcome
Admission : Free
Participation in all the Games : Free
Sponsor : Purina Pro Plan


  • The 2nd Purina Pro Plan Puppycom Beauty Pageant. Details at
    www.puppy /k9day2005/k9beautypageant.html
  • Door Gifts to first 500 registered visitors
  • Police K9 Unit Demonstration on Drug Detection, Crowd and Crime Control, Agility and more
  • Search and Rescue Demonstration, Fire Source Detection Demonstration by the BOMBA Search and Rescue Team
  • Puppycom Obedience and Agility Demonstration
  • Doggie Games

    • Dog Fastest Recall
      Dog will be placed in about 15 meters away, and on the announcement of "START" the dog that reaches the owner fastest will be winner. In the event that there is a lot of contestants, there will be group elimination by the respective judges to get the Top 3 winner.

    • Furball Bowling
      There will be 6 or 7 rows with 10 - 15 meters length and 20 pins at the end of the row. What the dogs are suppose to do is to "knock" as many pins down as possible like the real life bowling game but instead of using the ball, we are using our furkid ! In the event that there is a lot of contestants, there will be group elimination by the respective judges to get the Top 3 winner.

    • Fashion Race
      Group of 6 dogs in a team. Clothes, socks n hats will be allocated accordingly and each dog have to go 1 by 1 to finish dressing up by respective owner b4 passing on to the next team mate inline. Top 3 Group that finishes fastest will win a prize !
    • Woof-a-thon aka Dogs Relay Run 3 X 3
      Each group to have 3 dogs which consist of Large, Medium and Small breed dog. Each group have to go through a run with an obstacle trial which individual dog would have to complete before passing on to the next in line. There will be old tires, tunnel and a small pool. With the completion of all the obstacles, the 3 team which comes out the fastest will be the winner.
    • Waggy Tail Contest
      From the moment of announcement of "START" by the emcee, the owner have to get his or her dog to wags its tail (with anything - tricks or treat) none stop. We are looking for the top 3 longest waggy tail winner.

    • Treasure Hunt
    • Dog Best Trick
      Three winners will be picked from whole list of contestants. We are looking for complicated or creative tricks by your Furkids
    • Dog Longest Stay
      Dog that can stay either in sit or down position for the longest period will win this contest.
  • Dog Charities
  • Dog Parade
  • Vet Corner that offer free medical checkup for your furkids
  • Meet the Breed Section

Program of the K9 Day

8:30 am Registration of Visitors & Doggie Games.
8.45 am Start of the Treasure Hunt Contest - Game 1
9:00 am Opening Ceremony / Ribbon Cutting by VIP
9:05 am Dog Parade
9:35 am Purina Pro Plan Puppycom Malaysia Dog Beauty Pageant 2005
Part I - Most Photogenic Dog
10:05 am Start of the Fashion Race Contest - Game 2
10:30 am Opening and Launch of the Purina Pro Plan Puppycom Dog Agility Sports in Malaysia
10:35 am Demonstration on Dog Obedience Training and Dog Agility Sports by the Purina Pro Plan Puppycom Demo Team
10:40 am Lucky Draw Round No.1
10.45 am Police K9 Unit Demonstration

  • Obedience - Rescue/Guard
  • Drug Detection
  • Crowd Control Agility Demonstration

11:10 am Demonstration by the Bomba Search and Rescue Team

  • Search and Rescue Demonstration
  • Fire source detection
11:30 am Start of the Dog Fastest Recall Contest - Game 3
11:50 am Start of the Woof-a-thon Dogs Relay Run Contest - Game 4
12:10 am Lucky Draw Round No.2
12:15 Noon Start of the Waggy Tail Contest - Game 5
12:30 Noon Purina Pro Plan Puppycom Malaysia Dog Beauty Pageant 2005 - Part II + Final
  • Mr. & Ms. Puppycom
  • Most Popular Dog
  • Best Performer / Most Intelligent Dog
  • Best Dressed / Most Creatively Dressed Dog

1:10 pm Start of Furball Bowling Contest - Game 6
1:25 pm End of Treasure Hunt
1:30 pm Start of Dog Longest Stay Contest - Game 7
1:45 pm Start of Dog Best Trick Contest - Game 8
2:00 pm Lucky Draw Round No.3
2:05 pm Prize Presentation Ceremony and Photo Taking Session
2:05 - 3:00 pm Dog Socialization

More information can be viewed at www.puppy /k9day2005/

Those who are interested in participating in the Beauty Pageant are required to register early. Go here for more information www.puppy /k9day2005/k9beautypageant.html

Location Map to Central Park, Bandar Utama is as per
www.puppy /k9day2005/peta.html

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