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Dec 4, 2004, 7:34 AM

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Re: [nicole8] Poo...poo...problem...!

Hi ...

Here are some suggestions ...

(A) Using the "Search" function

There is a "Search" function at the top of the webpage ... For instance, if you are interested in "crate training" ... Just click the "Search" icon and then type in the words "crate training" ... and that will give you all the previous threads on crate training ...

This way ... you can have immediate advice, ideas, suggestions etc on many topics related to dogs, dog training, dog rearing etc ...

(B) What is Crate Training & House Training? ...

Very briefly >>>

"Crate training" is teaching your dog to use the crate as a safe place, for resting and sleeping (in crate training, the crate is NOT a peeing or pooping place) ... A dog that is crate trained will not pee or poop in the crate where he sleeps/rests - but will pee & poop outside his crate.

"House training" is teaching your dog to pee & poop at a designated place of YOUR CHOICE ...

*** Now try the Search function using the words "crate training" and "house training" to get the information you need.

(C) When to feed the dog his one meal a day?

You can feed your dog his one meal in the morning or evening ... It is very much a question of personal preference for each owner depending on each dog ...

When considering whether to feed in the morning or evening, here are some of the factors to take into consideration:

(i) Examine your own life-style & schedule and decide which is more convenient for you ...

(ii) Very often & for most dogs - a dog will poop soon after it has eaten ...

You posted:

" ... so i start to giv his meal once a day ...but now is my headache started coz i give his to have his meal at morning ,sometime he just peeing but whole day also dowan poo...until midnite abt 1am ...then donald will start barking and i hav to attend him and wait until he finish he poo poo...and he wil go back to his bed sleeping ..."

From your post - it appears that when you changed from 2 to 1 meal a day - your dog's poop timing also changed and became eratic ...

This is nothing to worry about - whenever you change a dog's meal time, the number of meals or amount of food fed - it will take some time (usually a few days up to a week) for the dog and its digestive system to regularise and accommodate the new schedule and amount of food per meal,

From what you posted, it also appears that your dog is slightly different from most dogs in that your dog does not poop after the morning meal ... but will hold his poop until midnight ... So - it looks like your dog will be ready to poop about 12+hours after being fed.

Which is why I suggested that you try changing his meal time from morning to the evening ...

So, if you feed your dog at say - 7pm ... then (considering your dog's 12+ hour cycle) ... hopefully your dog will not need to poop at midnight but will be ready to poop 12+ hours later - namely, the next morning ... And that may make life a little easier for you.

Also remember - dogs like consistency & regularity ... once you establish a rhythm & schedule for your dog's feeding, peeing & pooping - your dog will very much maintain that schedule ...

Cheers Smile

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