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Dog Kichi

Oct 29, 2004, 8:24 PM

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Re: [timchan] Breeding "Show or Work?"

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CoolHi LCK,

Who would use their real name in pup.com? I would fear for my life as I do not know who I am conversing with...This is a "chat-room" and no one uses their real name...
I use my real name and have done so all along. Most people know who i am. My kennel name is posted. Only those who have things to hide or are mischief makers have good reason to hide their true identity. This is a doggy forum not a "dating forum" so no chance of your wife catching you trying to find a girlfriend. Or am i the only one who uses my real name and everyone else is a puff of smoke in cyber space.
This will be my last post in this thread as I do not think we're heading anywhere.... I guess you still can't accept my point so your solution is to end it. I guess it will mean we won't have any major arguments! Laugh

My last line goes....to my opinion, MKA is responsible to verify and authenticate each and every litter that is being registered. I believe that they used to do that even in the small town of IPOH. MKA members would drop by to look at the pups and their parents. Well, if you want to have a good organization, why not take all the proper procedures into account?
Will looking at the parents guarantee that the puppies in the whelping box are from the said sire or dam? What happens if the sire lives in another state? You obviously assume that the litter inspectors have super special DNA scanning eyes, such that simply by looking at the pups they can see the DNA compostion and can GUARANTEE the heritage of the said pups? PLEASE lah BRUDDER!!!! MadCrazyBlush

I'm sorry but why is it Malaysians requrie MKA to be police?? It's not their job to be police. When a breeder submits the paperwork saying dog X & bitch Y has been mated and these are the puppies, the onus lies on the breeder to tell the truth, NOT the to run after you and be mata mata. Why is it that every other kennel club in the world can run without litter inspectors but Malaysians insist that the should inspect every single litter??? Can't Malaysians be honest? My opinion aside, the DOES have litter inspectors who if i am not mistaken randomly check litters. So what are you all up in arms about. It seems to me that the issue is not MKA but dishonest members. You see if a breeder is dishonest and lies about a litter - and sells it on to an unsupecting buyer then if the buyer discovers that he has been had, he should then take it up with the seller and NOT the. The seller cheated him NOT the. Shocked

On the pedigree it states the following :
**We certify that the above is a true extract of the entry in the Association's Stud Book. **Every registration at the implies submission by one person registering, to the Rules and Regulations in all Canine matters. Does it say anywhere that they guarantee you that what the breeder has submitted to them and told them is gospel?? In the UK etc. they state "The information contained in this Pedigree is true to the best of our knowledge." You see all of you fail to truly understand what you can and can't hold against the. You all do not fully understand how the system works and operates and listen to others with similar knowledge and exposure and thing that that is gospel? Please lah - if and when they are in the wrong blame them, but don't simply shoot off your mouth and make statements which are generalised and unfair. Go and read the print and understand what it means not what YOU think it SHOULD mean. FrownPirateTongue There is one way to solve all this and that is DNA testing lah. But then please bear in mind that the prices of the pups will shoot up as us breeders will be passing on those costs to YOU the buyer as you are the one desperate to know the truth. I guess in time they may well introduce such measures as is beginning in a few countries around the world. Until then market forces will be in force and mean that people will have to wise up and go to reputable breeders. With such forums as this people now have access to information and can make educated decisions without being conned. AngelicBlush

To you the pedigree cert is worthless, but to me bec what is contained in my pedigrees is true, it is worth a lot bec it records the heritage of my dogs, which as a breeder is very important to me. Tongue

If another Kennel Association comes into place (which I do hope in near future) and give a stiff competition to MKA by just upholding a little more integrity and audit on their litter registration itself, I believe that MKA is going to have a run for their money!

Sorry to burst your bubble, but once again you demonstrate your total failure to understand the system of how canine registration bodies work. You can start a club tomorrow and you can go ahead and issue registration certificates, but that is totally worthless to any of us breeders of note as your club will have no recognition or ties with any world canine bodies like MKA already has. You will merely be another UKC? Do you know who they are? Breeders of any worth will always want to be associated with an organisation with international recognition and association. Crazy It's like you making your own selfmade passport and trying to enter another country. The other country doesn't recognise the Passport of the District of Ulu Yam, but only that of Malaysia. Laugh So if you want to talk about worthless - any pedigree NOT issued by the in Malaysia is TOTALLY WORTHLESS. Tongue If you're really keen on dogs get a FULL and complete understanding of how the system works before you all simply listen to coffee shop talk and take it as gospel, come onto forums and hantam hantam.
Adios Amigos!Wink Yeah whatever dude. Don't run away lah. I've had a very interesting discourse with you. LCK Cool

Dachshunds of Distinction

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