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Dog Kichi

Oct 28, 2004, 11:55 PM

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Re: [timchan] Breeding "Show or Work?"

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Cool Hi LCK!

I like to see the kennels behind your house...very nice! Always take a glance when I am on the LRT heading to Paramount...bwahahahahahaha.......

What's so hysterically funny about my kennels?? Or are you just trying to inform me you know where i live?

And I believe that I have seen you on the showring and must admit you have the best and "classy" pooches on show!

Not so - many others are classier as they win a lot more and at higher level. Incidentally what breed do you keep? Do you show? Is Tim Chan your real name or a pseudonym? You must be an active MKA member as you seem to have so many grouses against them.

What I am trying to say is that, at the dawn of the new millenium, we cannot even trust what the cert is telling us. I do not mind having a pup with a cert filled with CHs or not. All I am asking is that the names stated on the certs are genuine. At this point, I do not even have the privilege to have a genuine cert. I hope you get what I mean.

How would the know such things?? It is us breeders who are supposed to tell the accurately whcih stud dog and bitch that we have mated together. So how can the be blamed? Why are you so certain that the certs are so innaccurate? Mine are always spot on and are correct. What happened to yours? And i hate to repeat myself again but it is perfectly possible to get Champions out of non-champion parents. We have already covered this topic at the beginning of this entire thread. Prices for pups are something individual. If someone wants to charge RM20,000 for a puppy then so be it as that is their perogative and if they have a buyer willing to pay that price then good for them. Hopefully they invite me to jin them for Saks Fin dinner. There are no guidelines on how much people should or shouldn't charge.

Maybe it is because of these certs, one can get CHAMPIONS out of NON CHAMPIONS or vice versa because the certs are inaccurate. At the moment, I believe that we can only judge based on our instincts without even looking at the cert. And for crying out loud! I would really hope that these breeders do not raise the prices of so called Champion Line dogs since the certs are inaccurate. And there is no guarantees whether they can become or produce champs.

At the end of the day we should be proud of our achievements of raising a good dog...I would rather believe that each pooch is a CHAMP in its own rights...and not merely because someone place a CH in front of its name...

Yes if you are a pet owner i truly agree with you as i said before that whatever happens at the dog show i still go home with the BEST dog. So every dog, pet or show dog is precious. But in the competitive showring, us breeders and exhibitors are after accolades given by judges. So whilst we may or may not always agree with their decisions we are the ones that subject our dogs to their scrutiny and nobody forces us to. So we either like it or lump it.

I truly understand and accept the fact that each dog/bitch cannot promise you show quality pups.


Cheers everyone...Wink

Dachshunds of Distinction

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