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Dog Kichi

Oct 27, 2004, 7:35 PM

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Re: [timchan] Breeding "Show or Work?"

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CoolHi everyone,

With the good for nothing MKA cert, I still cannot believe that a pup in question comes from Champion lineage although it is stated on the cert that every single sire or dam is a SUPER CHAMPION.

Why believe in titles given by weak human beings?


Hi Tim

Coming from Champion lineage doesn't mean the progeny will be champions as well. The faster you get to grips with that notion, the faster you will not be disappointed. When i breed a litter of say 7 pups i may sell 5 off as "pets" and 2 will make the cut as "show dogs." YEs admittedly sometimes the percentage will be higher but it all depends and can never be predicted. Coming from champion lineage just "increases" your chances of getting a dog that could become or produce a champion, but it doesn't guarantee it. Just in the same we we are all homosapiens but some of us are super athletes and others are genius. All carry the same number of chromosomes, etc. Tongue

the cert gurantees you nothing and no where on it do they say your dog will be a champion! Wink The cert is a RECORD of the lineage of your dog. It states the information about your dogs, and then its ancestry. What were you expecting your MKA cert to do?

I always tell my Pet buyers that i'm selling them a healthy well adjusted pet from good breeding but it doesn't mean that just bec their sire and dams are champions means they will become champions. Maybe you have been misled? Crazy

LCK Cool

p.s. As for "titles given by weak human beings" us dog show people know when we enter a show that we are subject to the opinion of that particular judge on that particular day. Different day different judge the result can be very different. Same judge, different day the dog may not win the same as the last time! That's what makes it interesting. We enter the shows for their opinion and that is exactly what we get at the end of the day like it or not. But i know for sure that whatever the results i still take home the best dog! As an exhibitor i might not value the opinion of every single judge, but there will be those whose opinion i do value. Are they also weak? I doubt it. You sound like a very disgruntled exhibitor.
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