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Dog Kichi

Oct 27, 2004, 1:52 AM

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Re: [surchinmy] Breeding "Show or Work?"

Surchinmy, what is that meaning ? Your name, you not Malaysian too? I read your writing, very garang! Why my writing all delete away? I don't understand? I ask for nasihat on my neighbour kahwin very fierce black dog and puppies also very garang but why my writing in the box delete? Why your box no dog picture? Is this forum anti cat owner? Please help?


Aiyoh C-Tea. You ingat kita lahir semalam di hospital in SUBANG JAYA kah like you?? You from which hutan? don't you know that Surchinmy is a very popular English name and well known person in malaysian history. Our surchinmy's great grandfather (dam side) was the founder of Batang Kali and other important places like that. Malu lah you say you're a Malaysian but know nothing about important people like Surchinmy 1. Statue of Surchinmy's great grandfather is on display along the boulevard in Putrajaya and also in Kota Kemuning.Blush

Hey C-tea, what sort of GANdog you own? Obviously you must own a CHAMPEAN GANdog right that you joined our forum today and straight came to GANdog forum....no wonder your posts removed. Lucky not your clothes removed or else we will have a big shock when we see you have a little brother!! Tongue

Also ah C-tea mai-b you not familiar with how forums work - nobody is garang. Even our most garang member is now a mild mannered gentleman. We exchange ideas and post thoughts. If people think you talk Kok then they may tell you so. Most of us here are used to having our opinions challenged so know how to respond back. No one takes it personally lah. If they do, then time they grew up and not be so sensitive. In any case if you not sure if someone is garang towards you, you can ask people like Surchinmy or me privately and we advise you lor. This is what makes a forum fun as we discuss and argue certain things out in an intelligent manner and don't go into a frenzy. If you kena hantam then you justify and stand by your post lah. If you don't then sure you kena hantam more. But it's not bad hantam - just all in jest and for the sake of discussion. Not personal as some assume!

Anyway let's not waste time ok, we go for buka puasa at Holiday Villa SUBANG and then go down to Blue Apple for Char Kuat? Angelic Like you i also like pussy cats.....Meow! Cool

Dachshunds of Distinction

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