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Oct 27, 2004, 12:32 AM

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Re: [surchinmy] Breeding "Show or Work?"

Aiks....no lah LCK replied me so i just continue the discussion there loh...not repeating or going back lah......anyway thanz for the summary.Cool

But before you start breeding - read the post that LCK made earlier ...
Sudah baca and will print out and put in my library

Also as pointed out by LCK ... if you are serious about breeding for dogs for work/trials ... but wish to moderate drive ... I don't think the solution is as simple as breeding a working dog with a show dog ... A bit like apple & orange ... then you may get some strange results ... Crazy ...

Already explained in my reply to LCK....just an example....no actual breeding has been taken place here....and banana croup just isn't my cup of tea....don get me wrong lah....aiyoyoh...gussed my Ingelish ah got propulem lah....Blush

One very successful breeder of working Labs in UK, told me that there are 2 things he will not do ... (a) he will not sell/give a working Lab to a non-working family and (b) he will not breed his working line with any show line.

Heheheh Laugh A) if he/she do this will be a disaster for a working GSD, will ended up on top of the vet table or got bitten some one and or in shelter.....this is not only a WASTE of the good working creature but a SIN to the innocent one.

B)Field and Bench simply won't click, and from what i learned so far, the genes tend to get dominated by the Field type. Meaning the field type gene is stronger than the bench type. Don ask me y lah...saya pun tak tau......CrazyTongue

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