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Oct 26, 2004, 11:51 PM

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Re: [Riccaval] Breed "Type" & "Soundness"

Hi ...

" ... I would also like to sum up the aspiration judge's thought! To be a good judge, one should not only be able to spot the quality of a dog but able to interpret it in words and writing. It is an in-born talent to see a good dog and to be able to breed them to carry on the legacy of excellence, of course text books and experience counts too (what we call an eye for a dog, which I think is pretty much in-born and I know text books judges and cyber-breeder cum judges who are in its own way very educational!) but most importantly, to be able to interpret the standards of each breeds and express your point of view as a judge is utmost importance. That in itself shows your fluency in the breed you judge and the confident attached to it. The in-born talent, well, that's a talent that's cannot be incorporated! That is why those talent and experience if not nurtured by our club, MKA and if a judge needs a third party to sum up for him to express his or her points of views, all is ruined!!! If one is qualify as a judge, or even been considered at the 'call-off' All Breed Championship Show in Malacca show end of the year, and needs a 3rd party who have bred nothing to back up his explanation and statement, I am disgusted! I think he or she will be able to explain soundess, type and other required jargons used ever so frequent in the breeding or showing of dogs by themselves and be confident with it! ... Anyway, the strong words are not meant to personal attack anyone but I hope one should learn up quickly and be a good future judge otherwise, one should just quit ..."

If the above is the post you are referring to – then Riccaval, you are absolutely correct to pay no attention to it … BECAUSE whoever wrote that post hasn’t got a clue as to what he/she is talking about and is certainly & completely clueless as to - what is required of a “good” judge …
That post is is futile in concept, comprehension and execution …

For example:

*** What on earth has inborn talent as in “eye for a dog” got to do with the qualities of a judge? … Natural talent helps, but to say that only those with such inborn talent are qualified to be a judge - is total nonsense.

*** What on earth has inborn talent as in “eye for a dog” have to do with quality of “words & writing” … There are many people with inborn talent who cannot communicate effectively to save their lives …

*** What has “nurturing of MKA” got to do with the whole issue? … The only thing that MKA does (as with all dog associations) is provide the means to becoming a judge (and maybe hold come classes) but that is all … A person (his upbringing, his/her family & friends) provide all the essential nurturing & support system required to make a person whole enough to don the mantle of judgeship ...

*** As for “words & writing” being so critical that unless it is possessed – “all is ruined” … that is the biggest crap pile I have seen for a while ...

The reality is ... judges don’t suddenly become super-humans just because they are appointed or acquire the title “judge” … Judges remain people with all the frailties of the human race ... Which is why ... of all qualities in a judge - the most desired is “integrity” …

And “integrity” is composed of many elements, not least of which are:

(a) Honesty ... Honesty to others and with the self …

And honesty with self - is comprised of (i) the self realisation that a judge is not the font of all knowledge ... (ii) the ability and willingness to listen to others, and consider all relevant points of view … (c) last but not least, the courage and willingness to admit one’s own shortcomings and mistakes ... and seek improvement.

(b) Courage ... to do that which is correct, to the best of one's ability ... without fear or favour.

As for other qualities ... such as "understanding & knowledge" of the relevant area or field in which judging is practiced ... or the ability to communicate with language ... these are important too - BUT these are elements that can be learnt & improved upon ... and a judge with the integrity (described above) will seek to learn and improve continuously ... understanding that even as a judge, he/she is not the font of all knowledge ...

So when is all ruined? ... All is ruined when a judge does not possess integrity ... all is also lost if a judge possesses the self inflated ego exhibited by the person who wrote the offending post.

Judges ought to be more leaned than witty, more reverent than plausible, and more advised than confident. Above all things, integrity is their portion and proper virtue. Francis Bacon (1889 - 1981)

In your discussion with LCK & Skipper - I for one, respect the manner in which you simply admitted mistake and moved on ... integrity ...

And I also think you reacted/responded to the specious attack in that post with class ... you have been real "cool" man ... Smile ...


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