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Oct 23, 2004, 2:02 AM

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Re: [LCK,surchinmy,All] "Champion & champion may or may not procudes champions, non champion & non champions never produces champion!"

Hi,I'm a newbie to all of this..so please excuse me if my questions seem shallow/stupid/petty to the sifu's BlushI do not mean to offend anyone and I hope my tone is not disrespectful. If it is,please excuse me,I do not mean to and it is my lack of command in the language that is to be blamed.

This is entirely dependent on what breeds you're talking about. Many breeds may have originated from country X but country Y is recognised as the country of development so depending on your breed you may not always want to go back to the country of origin to get new lines. For example, the dachshund is a German breed but country of development is UK. I'd never se myself going to Germany to buy a German dachshund as they are totally different to the ones i am used to. Essentially the fundamental breed aspects are still there but the styles are totally different. I guess with RR's the country of development is still country of origin?

Just wondering...say (for example) the german shepherd was developed in so many different countries ie. czech,slovakia & UK n they have their own "types" where they are physically different (not just show and working,i mean like the working line czech,slovak & german dogs look different physically) .The germans (though the breed has been developed there as well) think that the czech dogs are ugly(not all,but u get my drift) & The slovaks may think the german GSD is not that attractive. I highly doubt the czechs would want to include a german GSD into their breeding programme and vice versa. so u said, "I'd never se myself going to Germany to buy a German dachshund as they are totally different to the ones i am used to" Is this just your personal preference? Because i think the germans would never see themselves getting a dachshund from the UK because of the different "type" it has developed into in the UK. Also is there an official statement saying that country x is the country of origin and country y is country of developement or is this something "everyone knows" when you get into the breed?

Are we starting to get breeds with homogenous temperament?
I repeat my point above. Why not?!!!!! They can be better adjusted and more sociable but that doesn't mean you can ever eliminate their natural instinct. My dogs will not attack other dogs and are sociable to other dogs and humans, but if a rat runs past or cicak or bird flies to low they will kill it. Instinct is impossible to breed out of them. And its their instinct that sets them apart from the next breed of dog. My English setter was never trained to set, but watch him in the garden and he will set the birds for you as his ancestors many many moons ago did for huntsmen.

As you say instincts which sets different breeds apart are impossible to breed out of them,how is it that there are rotts who will run away and cower in fear when their owners are being attacked? or that ppl can break into the house without the rott defending the property? Isn't it the rotts "instinct" to protect and defend? When I mean protect and defend,I would not expect the dog to bite and kill but rather,just stand up to the threat. Although i agree with you,that these days there is not much of a need for a dog to be used for its original purpose(in this case,defending & protecting),but isn't the insticnt of a rott to protect and defend? and isn't it impossible to breed instincts out of a breed? At the moment the only thing i can think of is that like all the other breeds,the requirements(solid nerves,prey drive,civility,etc) for this kind of work has been bred out of them as there is no need for them any more.And this has negated the "instinct" as for a dog to defend and protect he needs solid nerves,defence drive,fight drive etc. With this example,is it possible that the breeding has gone so bad,that this "instinct" of the rotts has dissapeared? If so,what’s the difference of a rott and GR besides the physical aspects? Or am I wrong in the first place to say that defending and protecting is an instinct,rather than a trait?

Another question that I've always been wondering..why is it that the us/the americans/the judges think that (for example) the gsd's banana croup is soo attractive and is labeled as beautiful when it restricts the dogs from running miles and miles? or like the english bulldog,why is the extremely short muzzle,short legs and heavy body "beautiful" if it causes health problems? Crazy What I am trying to say here is, why are traits that cause health problems considered beautiful/attractive? In the earlier post, it was said that dogs bred for show are "beautful" and that some breeders go to the extreme and this causes health problems. But in the case of the bulldog..isn't it the case of what is considered beautiful for the bulldog and then ppl breeding to achieve that look?

I think this can be somewhat compared to humans but humans have media influence as well as the subconcious fertility aspect that affects what is attractive and what is not.... but for dogs...? Aren't we the ones who are playing god with how they end up?

Again I apologize if my tone is rude and/or disrespectful. I do not meant to sound that way. All views (including improvements on how i can sound friendlier) are welcomed.Smile Also I apologize that I'm not too good with words and things may seem like its beating around the bush.

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