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Dog Kichi

Oct 23, 2004, 12:23 AM

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Re: [Riccaval] Breed "Type"

Uncle Derek

You make me laugh as always!!! The quiet joker! Yes you're absolutely right. Even within a breed you will get distinct types or certain specific characteristics that can tell one kennel apart from another. For example in Australia you can see some LCK's in the ring and just by looking at the dog you can tell which kennel they come from as they carry certain hallmark traits of that bloodline! Essentially this is just a slight modification or difference from the basic breed type which still requires breed XYZ to have characteristics ABC! These tend to be more for the trained eye that is familiar with stock from that kennel and normally those kennels/bloodlines have been around for quite a while!

In my personal breeding progam my lines are based on 3 established kennels/bloodlines , two of which are inter-related and one which is quite an outcross. So when breeding i am getting a nice blend of all three kennels with some carrying more traits to one line and some towards another but some with a nice mix! One good example of a nice mix is Petra - Asian, Malaysian & Australian Ch. Hacienda Ewe Lil Beauty who is a mix of the 3 lines but cannot be singly identified as being typey to one particular line. That is why she appeals to a wide array of judges as she is a lovely blend. And believe it or not she is still line bred!

Type can ever differ from country to country - American dachs are very different to European, to UK and to Australasian dachs! That's what makes breeding exciting when you try to get the best of each world! But you must know what you're combining or you can end up with rojak and more problems than you can handle and total loss of all types!!!

LCK Cool

P.s. you owe me RM1,000. It's fifty cents per letter lah for my advice!! LOL

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Smilesorry for interrupting, uncle, just a short question.
I find some breeds, although subscribed to the breed standard differ SLIGHTLY in their appearance. So is it correct to say that there are different 'type's even though they are of the same breed???

For eg. homosapiens...ur type BIG STRONG and FRIENDLY vs our friend(AT) SKINNY, SOFTY.......still the same breed but just different type.....Correct ah?

your 50cents pls.Tongue

Dachshunds of Distinction

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