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Oct 22, 2004, 10:49 PM

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Re: [LCK] "Type" & "Soundness"

ok here come another...hope this time will not disappear out of sudden by itself....stupid IE.Mad

ok i have to admit that the terms in use...so guess better i use back the term that are commonly use in working gsd world. Supicions and scare/nervy/fear of people are from both extreme end.........

The SV type of show (German) their Schutzhund title for a show line dog is totally difference from the working line gsd trial. In german, show GSD must get their title, at least schh I, BST (breed survey or kurong (spelling)) before they can breed the dog and get the pups registered. The trial for a show GSD are nothing more than a 'GAME' to the dogs. the helpers or the so called bad guys are their buddy on the other end....they train the dog daily, showing/telling the dogs that it will be just fine if u bite, won't hurt you, take the bite from me and such.......on the other side of the breed, the working GSD trial, the helpers are totally a stranger to the dog, and will push the dog to the max (depend on the helper's quality lol :) )

Even those show GSD get their title on the local club trial or district trial....they will not make their way to the region and national and of coz the ultimate one, WUSV. Even some 1 in a million show dog can make it, but will not do good in the national level.

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This all becomes a personal preference i guess because i know many people who own GSD's bec they love the breed but let them sleep inside their bedrooms at night bec they didn't buy the dog as a guard and pet, but as a pet only so are not interested if the dog is a good guard dog or not! To them so long as it is a GSD they are not intrested in its natural guarding instincts detemining if it is a good GSD. Guess the quote/statement from the father of the GSD says it all. From the book of GSD in Word and PIcture by Max v Stephanitz
"Take this trouble for me:
Make sure my shepherd dog remains a working dog, for I have struggled all my life long for that aim ."

Rittmeister Capt. Max von Stephanitz (1864-1936)

as of this one........CrazyCrazyCrazy will leave it to the owner to reply.

I doubt Yeoh's RR's will ever keep lions in a corner waiting for the hunter to come shoot the lion, nor will his Lab ever go to retrieve ducks from a lake shot down by a hunter, nor will any show Beagle be part of a hunt pack, but does it mean they are any less a good representative of the breed?

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This starts a whole different topic about breed purpose VS show purpose. That is why in the UK etc people who hunt with their cockers don't bother to enter conformation dog shows as their hunting dogs are not bought and bred by them to be show dogs!!! The same thing in GSD, the show and the working one.....when i say working GSD, i do mean those come from the pure working line originated from German, Czech, East German -DDR (once the communist regime) and may be belgium....(actually belgium lines are from German, but which line that is not originated from the origin country of the animal call German Shepherd. kind of contracditing also :)

As of the country u mentioned that their dogs need to get the food blended before feeding....i do know that they crossed the Irish Setter with a GR for color. But the darker color dogs are not desirable in Down Under.

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