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Oct 22, 2004, 9:23 PM

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Re: [surchinmy] "Type" & "Soundness"


my 1.9 cents worth....

i'm new in the so called 'dog world' and totally a newbie in the breeding, showing and etc.....

BUT i have to agree with Surch that Type and Soundness my be at least on par if not the latter come first.

Surch, LCK, Skipper : a quick one....what is/are the major distingusher(s) from one breed to another ? lets take GSD as an example...what LEFT in the GSD if they lost their natural drives ? ok, don use the word 'drive' too easy to get people confuse...let replace it with may be 'aloofness', 'suspicions' (not fear of people ok). I always believe a good and correct Type/Soundness of a GSD will nail the bad guys down in no time and will behave like a lab if not gr in the house with baby.

What makes a GSD stand up from the other breeds that can do the protection, guarding or whatsoever ? Answer is : AGILE - a GSD is not extreme in prey if compare to a lab, and fight/defend if compare to a rott and hunt/pack if compare to other cattle dog, BUT a GSD is above average of anything if not everything.

A GSD that without the 'aloofness'/drives is no longer a gsd.

Surch : i like the statement u quoted in ur post read like 'RR with the temperement of lab' ROTFLOL.Tongue Can a lab or labs hunt lion ah ?

Boon - I Love Fast Dogs That Hit Hard
You Ask Me To Fight For You, I Give You Freedom & Protection And Then You Question The Manner In Which I Provide It, I'd Rather You Just Said -- "Thank You" --

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