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Dog Kichi

Oct 22, 2004, 7:48 PM

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Hi fren

This is what we call a healthy discussion. Note the lack of outright abuse or name calling or threats of turning up at anyones house to "sort them out." I guess it is a little different to the usual threads of "who owns a ECS? Come and post their name and funny story of what they did!" So i understand why you might be asking us to live and let live, but don't worry dude we're just fine. Join us - feel free to participate. No one will abuse you or ridicule or say you're stupid. In fact stupid people are the ones that never ask anything and learn nothing. Laugh

LCK Cool

P.s. I DEFINITELY do NOT own a GR. I own a far more intelligent and superior breed! LOL They are called Lap Cheong Kau (LCK)

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After following the various 'threads' in this section, I must say that all of you involved are highly experienced in these kind of dogs and I have no doubts that if I wanted a top quality GR, I would get one either from the few of you.

Forgive me for interfering but this debate is going nowhere as each one you trade blows and no one is willing to back down. Take a breather and why not let the matter rest once and for all? All it takes is just one of u to stop replying and the others will stop too. What has happened has happened and the past is past.

Why not just let it be? Live and let live dudes!
Dont see eye to eye, nvm lor, just avoid each other and talk less lor.

Hope you all give my postings some thought la. Blush

Dachshunds of Distinction

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