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Oct 22, 2004, 9:15 AM

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Re: [LCK, skipper] "Type" & "Soundness"

Ok ... see what you guys mean by "type" taking priority over "soundness" ...

Yes, a ridgless RR can be as sound as the best ridged RR ... but would not be "typical" or "type" of the RR breed.

Essentially ... "soundness" refers to whether a dog is physically sound (as in sound in construction, musculature, movement etc) ... And a dog can be sound but not necessary be of the "type" according to the standards for that breed.

Therefore, in pedigree & pedigree breeding, where each breed as a particular "standard" - "type" (meaning conformation as to standard) must come first and "soundness" follows next. This is not to mean that "soundness" is not important, just that "type" must come first!

Therefore a good specimen will be (a) first: of the correct type for that breed ... and then (b) second: Sound in construction, musculature, movement etc ... And good breeding must take that into account.

" ... Dachshunds are also supposed to be aloof but sadly aloofness in the unscrupulous hands of backyard breeders turns into agression and then people end up labeling breeds as dangerous and classifying dogs are dangerous and lethal. So based on that i'd stilll advocate breeding happy happy temperaments that love everyone! Perhaps then we wouldn't have the negative image of breeds such as Rottweilers, etc. ..."

Question: But wouldn't changing original temperament be detracting from "type" for that breed?

" ... There is an expression known as the ALL AMERICAN SHOW DOG. Extremely long coat touching the ground (if a coated breed), sloping topline, wagging tail, ultra showman, 4 legs!!! Of course before certain quarters start to jump, i must say that it's not in all the breeds but it has been known that some breeds they don't even bother if the dog has full dentition or a correct bite so long as it has the above criteria ..."

Question: In such cases ... wouldn't the judges have anything to say? ... Aren't judges also equally (or at least partially) responsible for degradation of the breed?


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