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Oct 21, 2004, 2:11 AM

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Re: [LCK] "Champion & champion may or may not procudes champions, non champion & non champions never produces champion!"

Hi ...

Fast lar ... your reply ...

If I understand your post correctly ... what you say may be summarised as follows:

(a) Let's not get hooked up on trying to turn the clock back to the days when breeding was primarily for utility & purpose (breeding stock purpose) ... Times have changed and so has the purpose & ultimate aim for dog breeding ... Focus today (particularly in pedigree conformation dogs) is not so much to breed dogs for their "original" purpose ... but for validation in a show ring.

Whether that is right or wrong is not so much the question but an acceptance of the realities of dog breeding in the 21st Century.

(b) While you accept that breeding for purpose is still supposed to be the rally cry, in truth, modern dogs will not or for that matter, have opportunity, to be tested as their forefathers would have ... and that again is reflective of how the world has changed from when the first Labrador was first conceived ...

But as long as basic conformation/standard and health are maintained, you personally have no objection to the evolution that has taken place.

Similarly with "fad & fashion" ... and ... "show temperament" - as long as sound conformation, structure & health are not compromised, you also have no strong objection and will flow with the changes that have come about over time ... leaving plenty of room for personal preference and choice to breeders and their breeding.

Ok - can understand what you are saying ... but for myself - am not so sure about the show temperament bit ... Certainly as you say, there is no harm with having dogs with good steady temperament and personalities ... happy dogs ...

Just that it would be a little sad to see a RR without that sense of "aloofness" ... that is such a hallmark of the breed ... Some of the RRs we saw at the Brisbane Royal in August, were more like Labs in temperament than RRs ... *sigh* ... But then - as you say, RRs no longer hunt in the savannah ... and maybe it's best they also become less aloof and blend more easily into a family with 2.3 children & 1.2 cars ... Tongue

" ... I am very fortunate in that i have ... very close friends in my selected breed, who are all longtime established breeders to who i turn to for help and advice ... So in that i get the input of people familiar with my lines ... who will give me sound advice ... I never believe in seeking one single opinion as i find a selection of views from well ground breeders in you chosen breed can give you varying advice ... "keep your mouth shut and your ears open. God gave you two ears and one mouth for a good reason!" ..."

Yes ... having a close support group is very important. Having friends with experience & knowledge, who are prepared to listen with an open mind and then ready to share honest opinion is of immeasurable benefit ... And I guess, this applies to most human endeavours and not just dog breeding ...


" ... But sadly some countries have blind disregard for health issues and conformation issues and follow trends and fashions and allow things such as missing teeth, etc etc plague the breed. Yet dogs with these faults are awarded top awards in the show ring! That is very sad and frightening because in due time you'll have these beautiful coated specimens with very showy attitudes, but who have to have their food blended bec they have no teeth to chew with! ..."

PS ... Interesting ... which country are you referring to? ... And - is it that bad?

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