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Oct 17, 2004, 11:42 AM

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Re: [clangan] "Champion & champion may or may not procudes champions, non champion & non champions never produces champion!"


... How respectful ... And then after that you abuse me ... Cool ... Why like that wan? ... Pirate

" ... this is very unprofessional coming from a lawyer and a Ridgeback owner !!! Anyway, you misinterpreted my quote, well, maybe you should go deeper into breeding and stop becoming a "cyber breeder" and trying very hard to prove a point in the forum!! Prove yourself first dude in your breeding and show rings first la!!! I think Gopi will explain to you the catual explanation, it is his responsibility now!!! The rest I will leave to you to decide!!! ..."

First, what has career, profession or breed of dog owned, have to do with this discussion? ... We discussing "breeding champions from untitled dogs & bitches" right? ... We are not discussing your career prospects are we?

Second, what is there to misinterpret? ... Your statement is reproduced in all its glory, word for word ... as YOU wrote it ... There is no misinterpretation ...

Third, everytime someone disagrees with you ... you get abusive and start issuing challenges ... as if the issuance of a challenge somehow justifies your petulant behaviour ... or makes you right.

Let me let you in on a little secret ... Wink ...

I don't have to be a carpenter to appreciate good carpentry ... Nor do I have to be a gardener to like flowers ... and I certainly don't need to be stupid to recognise a duh statement when I read one ...

Finally, even if you modify your original statement to include a reference to bloodlines ... it is still WRONG! ...

Have a look at these websites containing pedigree records kept by truly experienced breeders.

And you will see Champions coming from bloodlines absolutely WITHOUT titles ... There are plenty of examples, going back 5 generations without a single trace of any titles in the bloodlines ...



So, how ar??? ... Maybe you'd like to modify your statement again? ...


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