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Oct 15, 2004, 3:16 AM

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"Champion & champion may or may not procudes champions, non champion & non champions never produces champion!"


"Champion and champion may or may not procudes champions, non champion and non champions never produces champion!"

The comment above gave me a good laugh. I think we discussed this issue a long time ago on this very forum when it first began.

Sorry to burst your bubble sifu Gan but that comment is utter tripe! Actually tripe quite tasty so i guess its utter rubbish!

Maybe after long enough in GR you will learn that non champion can produce champions and even become top producers. I know of many dogs that were never ever shown but produced champion after champion.

I myself have several at home who have never seen a showring but have produced Philippine Gr. Ch. Hall of Fame winners and Mal. Champions too. So how ah? You see sometimes we buys in lines through dogs that we know will never be show stoppers but who have the genetic make-up through their ancenstors who will be able to produce the goods if mated to the right dogs. When sitting down to plan a mating one should look at a 5 generation pedigree, trace back the ancestors and list the virtues and faults of these dogs and see if putting dog A & bitch B together will perpetuate a fault or hopefully correct one. It's a bit of a piece-meal and then you hope of the best.

But you need to trace back ATLEAST 3 generations to see if your planned breeding will give you what you want. When looking at the pedigree the letters CH in front of names diminish into insignificance as compared to virtues and faults. Or atleast it should do!

As such, non champions mated to the RIGHT non champions CAN produce champions.

I myself see no point in taking a dog or bitch to be shown just so they carry the CH words if in your heart you know that the animal is not worthy of the title CH. However what it carries genetically may be fantastic! Being involved in a breed where i need only beat myself, i have never practiced taking them in to make them CH, bec if in my mind they are not worthy of the title why bother. What does it prove? I doubt it increases saleability.

Just my 5 sen worth (enough money to send sms on celcom!)

LCK Smile


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