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Dog Kichi

Jul 4, 2004, 6:38 PM

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Re: [Booker] Rottweiler Breed

Hi Everyone,

Its nice to read about rottis here. I think finally the rotti people got together here. After all the heavy reading lets get to something light, I came acrose this in the net sometimes ago and would like to share it here;

Once upon a time, long, long ago, before Mankind and Dogdom learned to love one another, the Grand Canine Council of Eight, which govern the fate of all dogs, called an important meeting. It had been decided that the governing of dogs would be more easily accomplished if each dog was designated by the name of his choice and each breed could then select a prototype to portray breed characteristics. This action was deemed necessary because Mankind and Dogdom were to soon unite, hopefully to the benefit of each.

On the appointed day, the representatives gathered and one by one, in a orderly fashion, each made his selection from a series of catalogs depicting body parts available. As the day wore on, it became clear that there was not enough material on have to satisfy all breed requirements. Shortages were beginning to develop, especially in the ear and tail categories. A few of the breed representatives began to show signs of anxiety.

A Greyhound crowded near a large dog at the front of the line.
"Please, friend Rottweiler," whined the Greyhound,
"let me take your place in line. If I stay at the end of the line there won't be any long tails to act as a rudder, Greyhound will run crookedly."

"Well, Okay," said the Rottweiler, and he moved back a step for the grateful Greyhound. The line began inching forward again.

"Pardon me, sir," rumbled a deep voice at the rottweiler's shoulder.
"Would you mind if I went ahead of you?"

"Well," said the Rottweiler,"I really don't think...."
"You see, " the deep voice went on, "we St. Bernards must have great size to perform our rescue work in the show. It's extremely difficult for small dogs to rescue people. Just think of all those lost children."
"Oh, all right," sighed the Rottweiler, and again he moved back in line."

And so it went....a little prototype dog for whom a long body was essential so he could wriggle into badger holes edged in; a Terrier type needed agility and speed to catch rats; another needed a dense coat to be comfortable while guarding sheep in winter; a tiny prototype needed a silky coat to please those upon whose lap she sat. Finally, all that remained was the tired canine who had patiently yielded his place to the others. Sadly, he looked through the catalogues. Most of the items had black lines drawn through them....all of the good stock was gone. The Rottweiler sighed deeply.

"HURRY UP", yapped the Eighth Fate, without looking up.
"Well," said the Rottweiler, very alert now that his turn had come.
"I guess a big deep chest won't look bad with small ears that stand up sharply."
"Sorry," said the Eighth Fate. "All out of stand-up ears."
"NO STAND UP EARS!?" howled the Rottweilers.
"That's what I said. We can give you rosettes, long or medium-short, but they all drop."
"I'll take the medium-short," said the Rottweiler with disappointment,
"They won't be too noticeable with a nice bright color combination."
"NO BRIGHT COLORS," yipped the Second Fate.
"Only black." "BLACK?" Snarled the Rottweiler.
"Wait, Wait," whimpered the Fourth Fate, in an attempt to placate,
"Here are a few tan markings you can scatter on the face and legs."
"I have three white hairs here," said the Fifth Fate. Not enough for everyone, but occasionally you can sprinkle two or three on a chest."
"It's not really what we had in mind." said the Rottweiler.
Then he brightened,
"However a big plume of a tail will make up for everything."
"SORRY," barked the Sixth Fate, "NO TAILS."
"WHAT!" Roared the Rottweiler,
"You expect me to report back to my breed chairman in BLACK with a few tan markings, DROP EARS and NO TAIL?"
"Sorry," said the others. "You should have gotten here sooner."
"One moment," the Chief Fate interceded.
"This prototype was one of the first to arrive."
"I can't help that," said the Eighth Fate crankily (he was getting very tired).
"Besides," added the Third Fate,
"All of the catalogues are closed. There are no more supplies to be had."
"I realize that, " answered the Chief Fate,
"but we can do what all good dogs should do.....give something of ourselves. From each of us, Rottweiler, you will receive one gift to bestow upon your breed:


However, the greatest attribute of any breed you already possess in abundance.....

Beverly Mitchell



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