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May 25, 2004, 12:32 AM

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Re: [Booker] Rottweiler Breed

Dog bites for a reason and the owner should teach the dog when to bite or if the owner cannot handle the dog then they shouldn't work the dog or teach the dog to bite from the first place.

Booker, You are somewhat right that dog bites for a variety of reasons. It could be out of teritorial aggression, fear of threats, being challenged, or simply dont like a person's crooked face...kakakak..seriously, what I want to eventually say is "bite needs no training" A dog knows how to bite from the day it was born in suckling and then when they can move they will bite play with each other of their littermates. Then when they can run the will chase each other and try to bite everywhere from biting the ears, the necks, the legs, the body thew tail and everywhere u can imagine. This is the way the dog learns as mother nature intended. This is the foundation of bite work. So it is very innacurate to say that by not teaching your dog to bite he wont. The dog already knows how to bite regardless of we teach or not.

When it comes to PP or Protection Sports, it is very mistaken to say that those dogs are dangerous. Well from the above, if a dog with no training bites as compared to a trained dog bites.....which is more dangerous? In most case, a trained dog will bite for a valid reason while an untrained dog will bite for whatsoever reasons so which of this case is more dangerous? Further to this, a trained dog will release at the handlers command while will an untrained dog do ?????

Therefore I'm more inclined to say get a breed that is suited to our own lifestyle and if we want a breed that has the natural ability to guard and to protect then put them into training and upgrade our own skills in understanding their behaviour and how to handle them well. At least O/B them should be rule No. 1. This way the dog will then be a safe dog whatever the breed.

Just to add on some thoughts in case people mistakenly think PP dog or Schutzhund dog is a dangerous dog.....it is definately very very very far from the truth.Smile


"Take this trouble for me:
Make sure my shepherd dog remains a working dog, for I have struggled all my life long for that aim ."

Rittmeister Capt. Max von Stephanitz (1864-1936)

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