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K9 Maniac

May 22, 2004, 5:52 AM

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Re: [lovedoggies] Northern Dog Breeds Fan Club

ohhhh...so, it is yr work lah that i could not send the bomb to yr mailbox. Tongue

hahaha...ok ok...me won't tell him but it is optional to display the dates wan. Smile

wah....like that wan ah? maybe the poor female husky not that healthy. you should have told them to send their female husky to check first before mating lah. must be something wrong leh. these ppl ah, for $$$, they will do anything wan. Mad

oki used to gatal once! when he was a pup, he kacau on my dad's leg. hahaha...damn farnee lah! Blush

hahaha....so cute lah the way u describe how rex does wag tail! got sound effects some more *plop*. hehehe....that is sooo adorable! Laugh oki also another lazy bum wan. when he wags tail lying down, his head and body also never gerak wan. just the tail. hehehe....

me also read kinda halfway. like reading my college text book lah. hehehe...cannot absorb but know the concept is basically northern dog can stay in ultimately hot weather. hehehe...i wonder whether all dogs are like or only northern breed dogs ah?

ohhh...now rex's fur fur nice nice already ah? nvm, maybe we can see him another time soon. hehehe...

Wink Krystle & Oki Wink

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