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Dog Kichi

Dec 10, 2002, 8:56 PM

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Re: [arthur] Diet of MS

y is frontline suspected to be the culprit...... after kimba's recovery, no drugs has been administered into kimba except frontline a mth ago.... n skin is the largest organ, they cn absorb all the gd things, oso all the bad things, accumulation of toxins in the dog's bodi is the key. Some might onli see adverse reactions after a few application when the level of toxins reach intolerence level. If it cn kill hardy pest like ticks, how poisonious cn u imagine the drug to be.

Oh yes, one more thing, doesn't mean it doesn't happen now, it doesn't happen later... thr is always a tolerence level.

Auto immune mediated diseases can appear in several form, kimba's one is suspected
Autoimmune hemolytic anemia.


Extract: "
It is important to realize that having an AIHA dog requires a TOTAL commitment. Not only will this disease require a lot of time, but the emotional and financial burden can be great. The medications can be quite expensive and added to the veterinarian bills, can become overwhelming. You will need to adjust your schedule around visits to the vet and administering medications. The financial burden and time limitation are insignificant compared to the emotional roller coaster you will be on. This is a disease that can be controlled, but there is no cure."

I must said the praises on how shiny and healthy and happy looking my gals are the results of a healthy diet. Everything they see the gals, they will asked wht diet are they on etc. I have no problem givin them kibbles if i m reali too buzi. If your dog can eat raw, it can eat anything, like a dustbin.

Wht's better than two miniature schnauzer? Three miniature schnauzers!

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