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Dec 11, 2003, 8:33 PM

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Re: [bubbles_fhm] Q: What defines 'utility' breed?

Hey Smart Alec Soappy Bubbles,

Get another new book? Your book perhaps. "All about the Poodle by the expert Keith Mullan"?? what's the ISBN? maybe i'll go search for it the next MPH visit.

There is so much knowledge in this world for your little brain to store. That's why we have something called sharing. We share...not putting your stuck up nose and try to make others sound dumb!

Maybe you could try and write a book and state that the PRIMARY Poodle job is HUNTING LIONS! That will make your book thin and straight to the brainless point!

Maybe it's a new sports. I think you got it wrong too. Maybe it's LION hunting White Poodle sports...they call it White Poodle BAITING! muahahahahahahaha!!!

Want to show off your dribbling skills? you're not at any level numskull. You sure you engineer or kerja buruh at construction site? Only construction worker speak rudely like you...then again, i don't think so, they are more polite then you! SHOW OFF! SHOVE the clipper up your "S" man!

BTW, I assume you still take your poor poodles for LION hunting, maybe he/she can keep up with those old lions in Zoo Negara.

Meanwhile, i'm tuning into my National Geographic Channel to see if there's any white cotton buds running around the savannah!

what? you can't accept my opinions here? then, I've made my point. That's how people will feel when you're rude to them too....so watch out!


:::Those who do not have the least respect for the smallest creatures should not be shown mercy and compassion:::

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