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Dog Breed : Whippet

Breed: Whippet
Hound Group
Height: 18-22 in
Weight: (avg) 23-37 lb

Temperament: smart, affectionate, calm, powerful, swift, quiet.
Origin: Great Britain during the 1800Ęs. The Whippet was mainly used as a racing breed. The body of this dog looks exactly like that of the Greyhound, except in smaller form. Their frame is slender, athletic and elegant. The Whippet can reach a top speed of 35 mph. They have a retracted abdomen. Their tail is long and thin. The face and head is elongated and narrow. These dogs are built for speed. Skin is tight on the body. Hair coat is short, fine, close and smooth. This sleek coat sheds minimally and only requires an occasional brushing to rid the coat of dead hair. Ears are small and rose shaped. Coat color: red, fawn, black, blue; solid color or multi.

This breed is long lived, average is 12-16 years. This swift dog is highly athletic and needs to have plenty of exercise as well as room to run. Ideal for a home with a large enclosed yard, and an active family. Not recommended for putting into a kennel situation or for leaving alone in the yard all day. This adorable dog always wants to be near his or her family. They are sensitive to temperature extremes. They do fine in an apartment as long as they are given adequate daily exercise. The Whippet is protective of home and family. The Whippet is good with children, but (generally) not good with other non-canine pets. They might enjoy chasing after the family cat or rabbit! They are not aggressive toward other dogs. They are quiet when inside the home, enjoying a nap on the couch! Training: socialization and obedience. Need to use patience when training. Responds to positive reinforcement.

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