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Dog Breed : Saint Bernard

Breed: Saint Bernard
Working group
Males minimum height is 27.5 in. (male average 28-30")
Females minimum height is 25.5 in. (female average 26-28")
Weight of males: 140-180 lb. Females: 120-140 lb.

Temperament: affectionate, loving, even-tempered, pleasant, loyal, dedicated.
Origin: Switzerland, 1000s. These noble dogs were taken into the Alps hundreds of years ago and bred by monks to be rescue dogs. The St. Bernard was trained to find victims of avalanches or those lost within alpine passes. Their main use was as a search and rescue dog. Their bodies are massive and very muscular. The head of this breed is also quite massive. The tail is long, bushy and hangs down to the hocks. Ears lie flat against the face. They have a wonderfully gentle and intelligent expression upon their face. This large and wonderful breed of dog has two haircoat varieties. One is smooth-haired and the other is rough-haired. The smooth-haired coat is dense, short and smooth. The rough-haired is medium-long in length and is also dense. The Saint Bernard's coat does require weekly brushing. They do shed. Color: red and white, white and red, red and brown-yellow; brindle patches with white markings. The red can be in varying shades. Training: socialization and obedience. Training needs to be consistent. Good with children, gentle; but as with all dogs, they should never be left unsupervised around children. The St. Bernard is good with pets in the home if raised with them from puppyhood; good with other dogs. Exercise: this large dog requires plenty of daily exercise. Should be in a home where it has free access to a large, enclosed yard. Prefers to spend time outdoors. Some possible health concerns: bloat, entropion, ectropion, heart disease.

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