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Dog Breed : Silky Terrier

Breed: Silky Terrier
Toy Group
Height: 9-10 in
Weight: 8-10 lb

Temperament: friendly, lively, alert, smart.
Origin: Australia during the 1800s. The Silky Terrier was bred to be a companion animal. They were developed in Australia through the crossings of the Australian and Yorkshire Terriers. The Silky Terrier has qualities of both Terriers.

Their coat is long, straight, silky and glossy. Their coat does not tend to shed. Colors: blue/tan; the blue varies in color from silver blue, pigeon blue or slate blue. The Silky's coat needs to be groomed two to three times a week in order to keep the silky hair free from tangles and knots. This breed only requires minimal exercise, which makes them an ideal apartment and city dog. They make great companions for families as well as for singles and the elderly. They are good with older children. Training: early socialization and obedience. Respond well to positive reinforcement. They are not good with other pets within the home; not aggressive toward strange dogs. Their v-shaped ears are small, set high and are held erect. Tail is docked and is held erect. An alert dog, they sound a warning bark if they detect strange noises.

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