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Dog Breed : Siberian Husky

Breed: Siberian Husky
Working group
Males height range: 21-23.5". Females height range: 20-22".
Males weight range: 45-60 pounds. Females weight range: 35-50 pounds.

Temperament: active, agile, affectionate, stubborn, smart, alert.
Origin: Russia during the 1800Ęs. The Siberian Husky was mainly used to pull sleds. They have done this for centuries in Siberia. As would be expected of a breed that has to pull sleds, the Siberian Husky is strong, muscular and has a great deal of stamina. At the turn of this century, sled racing became very popular in Alaska. There were quite a few dogs in the U.S. by the middle of the 1920Ęs. Their doublecoat is long and thick, with a soft undercoat that is quite dense and wooly. This coat protects the dog perfectly from extremely cold temperatures. The Siberian Husky's coat needs to be groomed regularly during shedding periods to help keep coat healthy. They do shed their undercoats two times each year. Color: all colors from black to pure white.

The Siberian Husky is an active dog that needs to have a lot of exercise each and every day. Training: early socialization, consistent and firm discipline and obedience. Good with children; best if raised with them from puppyhood. Their ears are medium in size, held erect and forward. The tail hangs to hocks and is quite thick and bushy with hair, and is usually carried curled over the back. They are a bit smaller than the Malamute. Siberians are not too concerned or suspicious of strangers or of other dogs. They are good with other household pets if raised with them from puppyhood. They have no possessive qualities either, so they don't make a guard dog! This breed is a wonderfully agreeable companion. Out on walks, the owner must be alert and have a firm hold of the leash. They can take off on a moments notice! The Siberian Husky is not a barker, but they do enjoy a good howl now and then. They also love to dig.

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