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Dog Breed : Scottish

Breed: Scottish Terrier
Terrier Group
Height: 10 in
Weight: 18-22 lb


Temperament: active, lively, independent. Most affectionate with its family members. Some may tend to be aloof with strangers. This terrier is a descendant of dogs created in the Scottish Highlands. They were first seen in the British Isles around 1870. By 1883, they were seen here in the U.S. Their coat is bristly, short, harsh and wiry. This broken coat is resistant to advers e weather. The coat requires regular stripping to remove dead hairs. They may be clipped; this will be required every two months. They do tend to shed a minimal amount. Coat color: black, brindle, wheaten. Daily exercise is required. Training: early socialization and consistent obedience. They are a sensitive dog, so will require a gentle hand.

The Scottish Terrier is low to the ground with its short legs and long body. They are compact and sturdy little dogs. Their tail is medium in length. Their head is long, covered with long hairs above the eyes, creating eyebrows, and creating the look of mustache and beard upon the chin. Ears are pointed and held erect. Should live indoors. Great city dog, they live happily within apartments and homes lacking backyards. Wonderful companion for the elderly or singles. How they are with kids depends upon the individual dog. They are good with older, gentle children and do best if raised with kids from puppyhood. Alert watchdog. Good with pets, fairly aggressive toward strange dogs. Recommended that the Scottie be raised along with pets from puppyhood. Some possible health concerns: von Willebrand's disease, epilepsy, hypothyroidism, cushings syndrome, Scottie cramp, craniomandibular osteopathy (CMO).

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