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Dog Breed : Schnauzher - Miniature / Standard / Giant

Breed: Schnauzer – Miniature/Standard/Giant
Utility Group
Height: 12-14 in
Weight: 13-15 lb
Temperament: affectionate, obedient, playful
Origin: Germany.


The Giant, Miniature and Standard Schnauzers are three separate breeds and were all developed during different times and from different stock. All three were developed within Germany. This is the only terrier that is not from British Isle stock. Their main task was to hunt rats within barns, but they were also a great traveling companion for their master’s horses.

Make an ideal watchdog for the home. They are alert and will sound a warning bark. Their head is long and their ears are usually docked. If left uncut, the ears fold forward toward the face. Color: salt/pepper, black, black and silver. The coat is short, wiry, straight and rough. Their coat requires regular clipping and stripping. Stripping needs to be done about twice each year to remove dead hair. Other grooming needed is regular nail clipping and ear cleaning. Shed minimally. They have bushy eyebrows, a beard and a mustache upon their face. Tail is docked, set high and carried erect.

The Miniature Schnauzer is a solid, sturdy and muscular dog. Ideal size for those living in an apartment or in a home lacking a yard. Happy living in city or country, just as long as he or she is near its family. They are an athletic little dog that needs daily exercise. They need to live and sleep indoors where they can be close to the family; this is when they are happiest. This Schnauzer is good with older, gentle children. Good traveling companion. This breed is smart and obedient, they learn quickly - early socialization, consistent, firm obedience training is required. They are good with pets, fairly aggressive toward strange dogs.

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