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Dog Breed : Saluki

Breed: Saluki
Hound Group
Height: 20-28 in
Weight: 40-60 lb
Temperament: friendly, affectionate, loves attention.
Origin: Iran around 3000 BC, ancient sighthound.


Saluki have been here in the U.S. since 1927. This dog was considered to be the royal dog of Egypt, and as such was considered to be sacred; they were never sold. The Saluki was bred to be a hunter of gazelle. This, of course, would require a very swift and agile dog with a great deal of stamina the Saluki! Athletic, elegant and lean, the Saluki has a short, smooth and silky coat. There is feathering on the long tail, on the backs of the legs and along the belly. The tail, in addition to being quite long, has a curve to it. The ears are long, hanging close to the sides of the head. They shed minimally. Their coat requires minimal grooming attention. They are a very active breed of dog that needs to have a lot of exercise each day, including time to run. Ideal for a family with a large enclosed backyard. Color: white, cream, fawn, golden, grizzle/tan, tricolor, black/tan. The Saluki does best when raised with children from puppyhood; good with older, gentle children. Training: early socialization, gentle discipline and obedience. These dogs need to be walked on a leash (and with a secure hold) because they have been known to take off after cats and other dogs! They are not good with non-canine pets, not aggressive toward other dogs. With its great hearing, the Saluki makes an attentive watchdog of the home. Lifespan: 12 - 14 years.

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