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Dog Breed : Pug

Breed: Pug

Toy Group
Height: 10-11in
Weight: 14-18 lb

Temperament: affectionate, smart, demanding, robust, playful, loving

Origin: China during the 1500Ęs. The Pug is considered to be the largest of the toy breeds. They are so popular in Holland that they are referred to as the Dutch Pug. People have long believed that they originated in Holland. The Pug was developed to be a lovable companion dog. They require minimal exercise and are great for those who live in apartments or homes without a yard. Their tail is short and is curled up and over the back into a tight coil. Their face is expressive, looking like that of an old man! Their eyes are large, lending to their soft and gentle expression. Their muzzle is flat and short. The Pug's forehead is covered with wrinkled fur, making this dog quite adorable! There are two types of ears: "rose" and "button". Their body is short, compact and very solid. Coat is smooth, short and fine. They only require minimal grooming care. They do shed. Good with children. Colors: apricot-fawn, black, silver; with black mask, ears. Training: early socialization and obedience. They are a long-lived breed compared to most other breeds of dog. The Pug needs to live and sleep indoors. They are very sensitive to hot weather, and should not be brought along in the car during summer months. The Pug is good with other dogs and pets.
Possible health problems: Because their eyes protrude a bit, they are susceptible to injury (eyeball prolapse), respiratory difficulties, heart problems.

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