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Dog Breed : Poodle - Miniature

Breed: Poodle - Miniature
Non-sporting Group
Height: 10 in - 15 in. (Height is less than 15 in but more than 10 in.)
Weight: 14-17 lb

The Poodle is a very old hunting dog with an unknown place of origin. Different versions were found in France and Germany, but France made them their national dog. This breed was originated from the Standard Poodle and is identical to both the Standard and Toy Poodles, except for its size. This variety of Poodle is also known as the French Poodle. The Poodle breeds are believed to have originated in either Russia or Germany. The temperament of the Poodle is calm, loyal and affectionate. Because of these wonderful qualities, they make wonderful family pets and are great with children.

Poodles were once used to retrieve waterfowl and to this day have a love of the water. The trim that is characteristic to the poodle was designed to protect both the vital organs and the joints from icy waters while retrieving game. They are an excellent choice of breed for individuals or families that live in the city due to their small size. Also, they fit well into smaller sized households such as apartments or homes that have no yard. The Poodle needs to live and sleep indoors. Exercise: minimal daily exercise required. The Miniature poodle sheds minimally, but they do need to have frequent grooming visits due to their coat. This breed needs clipping on a regular basis, about four times a year. This grooming can be extensive if kept in a professional clip. This grooming can be lessened if kept in a "puppy clip". The coat is dense with a harsh feel, the length of which is medium. Miniature poodles are intelligent dogs that are easily trained. Training: socialization and obedience. Poodles are known for their tricks! Colors are quite varied: black, blue, cafT-au-lait, gray, silver, brown, apricot, cream or white. They are good with pets within the home and with other dogs.

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