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Dog Breed : Pomeranian

Breed: Pomeranian
Toy Group
Height: 6-7 in
Weight: 3-7 lbs.

The Pomeranian's temperament is one that is bright and spirited, smart, outgoing, happy, energetic, and affectionate.
Originated from Pomerania, Germany, about a century ago. The Pomeranian is the smallest member of the Spitz family of dogs. These dogs are of the northern Spitz type, and bred down in size. This breed descended from Iceland and Lapland dogs. They were larger at one time; they once weighed over twenty pounds. A long time has passed since their ancestors pulled sleds or did work as herders of reindeer. They are now a great companion dog.

The Pomeranian is an ideal pet for singles and the elderly since most tend to be one-person dogs; they are not well-suited for households with children. Their small stature makes them too fragile for small children to handle. Fair with very young children. They can do well with older children that are gentle with them and it is recommended that they be raised and socialized with children from puppyhood.

They are great indoor dogs, especially for those in homes without a yard or for those who live in an apartment. Pomeranians love to be pampered by their owner, preferring to be on your lap rather than by your feet. The Pomeranian needs some training, and if allowed the opportunity, will train the owner! Training: socialization and obedience. This breed needs to be trained with patience and kindness. They respond well to obedience training. Their long, straight coat needs to be groomed two to three times a week and at a minimum once weekly. This breed does shed. Their doublecoat has a dense and soft undercoat. The outercoat is straight and the texture is harsh. Plumed tail lies flat upon their back. Color: black, black/tan, chocolate, red, orange, cream, orange-sable, wolf sable, blue, parti-color, brindle. Due to its small size, it only needs minimal daily exercise. Pomeranians prefer to be indoors (they need to live and sleep indoors). They make good alarm dogs, sounding a bark when danger lurks nearby. Good with dogs and pets within the home, fairly aggressive with strange dogs.
Possible health concerns: eye infections, skin conditions, slipped stifle, heart disease, gum and tooth problems.

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