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Dog Breed : Papillon

Breed: Papillon
Toy group
Height: 8-11 in
Weight: 8-10 lb


Temperament: friendly, stubborn, strong-willed, tough, bright, elegant

Origin: France during the 1600Æs. The Papillon makes a delightful companion for singles as well as for the elderly. This little dog does not require much in the form of daily exercise, so they are perfect for families living in apartments or homes lacking a yard. The Papillon's coat is long, fine and silky with fringing upon the legs, chest, tail and ears. They require regular grooming, just enough attention to keep coat from tangling. They shed minimally. The Papilla’s coat color: parti-color or white with patches of any color. Colored markings upon the head are symmetrical. The ears of the Papillon stand erect, with quite a bit of fringing hanging from the ears.

The name, Papillon, means butterfly in French. The name is due to the shape of their ears. There are two types of ears, drop ears (known as the Phalene) and erect ears (Papillon). Both ear types are large with rounded tips. The drop eared variety holds the ears close to the sides of the head. The tail is carried over the back and is curled. Training: early socialization and consistent obedience. This breed truly benefits from obedience training, they become much more confident. The Papillon can be challenging to housetrain. Good with older children and does the best when raised with children from puppyhood. Owners need to prevent this little dog from leaping off of tall furniture due to the possibility of fractures. Should sleep and live indoors. Sounds a warning bark at the approach of strangers, or upon hearing strange sounds. Can be a barker. Good with pets, aggressive toward strange dogs.

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