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Dog Breed : Lhasa Apso

Breed: Lhasa Apso
Non-sporting group/Utility
Height: 10-11 in
Weight: 13-15 lb


Temperament: favors one master, quiet, independent, affectionate.

Origin: Tibet, 600s. They are an ancient breed, named for the sacred city of Lhasa. Their name means lion dogs. These dogs were watchdogs inside the home, alerting the outdoor watchdogs to any strange or suspicious noises.

This little dog believes itself to be much larger than its 10 inches! They have a long coat that is wavy, straight, and thick. If allowed to grow, the hair covers the eyes and face, giving the Lhaso Apso a beard and mustache. It requires weekly grooming care to keep it free from tangles (their coat can be clipped short in order to minimize grooming attention). Colors: gold, sand, honey with black tips on ears, tail and beard. These are just some of the possible colors. The Lhasa requires daily exercise, but only minimal daily exercise is needed; roaming freely about the house or apartment is sufficient. These dogs are happy just to be near their master. Great companion for singles, elderly and those living in an apartment. Training: socialization and obedience. Quick to bark at strangers and odd noises, the Lhaso Apso is an alert watchdog. Should sleep indoors. Tail is covered in long hair and is held curled over the back. They are fair to good with children, depending upon the individual dog. Recommended that they be raised and socialized around children from puppyhood. They generally are not good with other pets - can be good if raised with them from puppyhood. They're generally not aggressive toward strange dogs. Their acceptance of pets and their behavior around strange dogs will also depend upon the individual dog.

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