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Dog Breed : Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever
Sporting group [Gundog]
Males average height: 22.5-24.5". Females average height: 21.5-23.5".
Males average weight: 65-80 lbs. Females: 55-70 lbs.


The Labrador was developed to retrieve waterfowl, hence their affinity for playing in water. They have a double coat, which is dense, short and water repellant. The Labrador is also used as a hunting or field dog. Labs shed moderately, about two times a year and they need to be brushed on regular basis. Overall, their coat needs minimal attention. Brushing should be done about once a week. One of the breedís best features is their temperament. They are loving, people-oriented, and because they are patient with kids, they make wonderful family dogs. This breed is excellent with children and elderly alike.

The Labrador Retriever is a stable companion, not easily upset by strange occurrences or things. These fine qualities make them ideally suited for the job of service dog. They are used as guide dogs for the blind and as search-and-rescue dogs. They generally will not act aggressively, so they are not good guard dogs. Excessive barking is not generally typical of the breed. They bark only to sound an alarm, or warning, as a stranger approaches. Labs are intelligent and easy to train. If the dog is acquired from a reputable breeder, the dog will not be hyper, but Labs are active dogs.

Labs do not fully mature until they reach three years of age and are mentally a puppy until this time. Your Labrador will require attention and plenty of daily exercise. Training required: socialization and obedience. Labrador Retrievers love to swim. They like to chew, are good climbers and are prone to dig if not given proper positive attention. They do best if given mental stimulation, such as proper obedience training, daily exercise. The Lab can become destructive when bored Ż plenty of attention and exercise will cure these possible vices. Both sexes make good pets. Males are more dependent, females somewhat independent.

The Labrador is susceptible to hip dysplasia and other joint problems, such as OCD and arthritis. Obesity can be a problem, especially in their senior years. PRA, or progressive retinal atrophy, is a disease which causes blindness, and is present in the breed. Retrievers are prone to mild skin allergies in some US regions, notably S. California.
Ear infections are always a potential problem in breeds with hanging ears, and especially those breeds that spend so much time in water! Colors: black, chocolate, and yellow. Good with pets within the home and with strange dogs.

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