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Dog Breed : Greyhound

Breed: Greyhound
Description: Hound group L
argeMales average 28-31" in height. Females average 27-28" in height.
Weight: 60-70 lb
Temperament: lively, friendly, sensitive, vain!

This breed of dog is believed to have originated in Egypt where they have remained practically unchanged in appearance since the time of Christ maybe even longer. The Greyhound was used to chase after rabbits, hares, leopard and gazelle. They are a sighthound. Around 1836, racing Greyhounds started in England, and is still continued today. There are more Greyhounds running on the track than there are Greyhounds kept as family pets.

One should strongly consider the option of adopting a Greyhound. The coat on this slim, elegant and athletic dog is short and smooth. This coat requires minimal grooming attention, and it only sheds minimally. Color: comes in almost any color; black, white, red, buckskin, tiger, multicolor. The head of the Greyhound is flat and long, with a long muzzle. The Greyhound does take a great thrill in the chase - that is what they were bred for, after all! So, it should be noted that they like to chase the neighborhood cat and smaller dogs.

It is recommended that potential Greyhound owners that have cats (and other non-canine pets within the home) inquire with the adoption site (or breeder) if their Greyhounds are cat tested; your adopted Greyhound should be cat tested. They also should be supervised when around cats and other non-canine pets. They are good with other dogs. They should sleep indoors. They are good with children and make great family pets. They do require daily exercise and room to run. While Greyhounds can be active, they also enjoy a lot of time spent just relaxing with the family. (It should be noted that some Greyhounds have been removed from the track due to injuries sustained from racing, and this prohibits them from being very active.) Training: socialization, obedience, consistent discipline.

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