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Dog Breed : Great Dane

Breed: Great Dane

Working group
Female height range: 28 to 30+ inches.
Male height range: minimum of 30 inches and on up.
Weight: 100-120 lb female
150 lb. male

Temperament: lively, gentle, strong, quite affectionate, good manners, noble, calm.
Origin: Germany around 2000 BC This giant Mastiff breed of dog was utilized to hunt large game. They used to be called the Boar Hound because they were hunters of wild boar and bear. The Great Dane showed up in America late in the last century and were used mainly as companion animals. The Great Dane’s coat is short and smooth and only requires minimal grooming care. The use of a bristle brush followed by a soft cloth will keep the coat glossy and healthy in appearance. The coat does shed. Colors: black, blue, fawn, brindle, harlequin (black and white). They are excellent with children and make a wonderful family pet, provided you have plenty of space within your home and an enclosed yard for them to stretch out and run! These dogs are quite large! Their long, slender tail can easily clear the contents off of an end table with one wag!

The Great Dane needs daily exercise, along with a sizeable yard to roam and run about. The fencing around the yard should be 6' in height. The Great Dane also needs something to keep him/her busy, or else they can become destructive. Training: early socialization, consistent obedience. Makes a good watch dog, sounding a warning bark. The Great Dane is not long lived, average life span is 7-9 years. Ears may be cropped; if left natural, the ears fold forward toward the face. The Great Dane is good with other animals if raised with them from puppyhood, can be a bit aggressive toward strange dogs.

Possible health concerns: bloat, OCD, wobblers syndrome, panosteitis (minor to severe lameness with bone pain). Protect puppies from over-exercise in order to prevent damage to growing tissues.

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