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Dog Breed : Golden Retriever

Breed: Golden Retriever

Sporting group/Gundog
Males height average: 23-24". Femaleís height average: 21.5-22.5".
Males weight average: 65-75 lbs. Females weight average: 55-65 lbs.

Temperament: obedient, alert, active, affectionate

The Golden Retriever was developed in England and in Scotland during the late 19th century in order to aid hunters retrieve their prey of waterfowl in water and on land. These hunters dreamed of creating the perfect hunting companion. The results of their selective breeding led us to today's Golden Retriever. The Golden Retriever can have a variety of jobs. They are used in field trials, obedience classes, hunting, as well as being guide dogs for blind individuals.

The Golden retrieverís personality is eager, alert, self-confident, friendly, reliable, and trustworthy. They make a great family dog and are excellent with children, quite patient. Golden Retrievers will adapt to living in small quarters, such as an apartment, but will still require plenty of exercise outdoors. They need to have daily exercise. They are happiest running outdoors, in wide-open areas. Gets along well with other dogs, should he meet a fellow canine during a walk, but if introducing a new pet into the home, gradual and slow introductions are important.

The Golden retrieverís coat is long, can be straight or wavy, and is thick as well as water-repellent. The color of the coat can be varying shades of gold. Their coat does shed. Their coat needs to be groomed at least weekly to keep it free from tangles and to remove shedding hair. Training: socialization and obedience.

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