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Dog Breed : Fox Terrier


The Smooth Fox Terrier, the original Fox Terrier, shares the same origins as the Wire Fox Terrier, and they both share the same standard, save for the coat type. Although the Fox Terrier is said to have existed in hunt kennels since the 1700's, because few records were kept until the 1860's, its exact ancestry is unknown. Educated guesses suggest that basic terrier stock in England was crossed with the Bulldog, the smooth-coated Black and Tan, the Greyhound and the Beagle. The Fox Terrier's name says it all: this breed was the most popular when it came to fox hunting. The small and compact yet strong and speedy body allowed it to follow its prey anywhere. Today, although they do maintain some hunting instincts, this breed is best known for its companionship in either the city or country. It needs daily exercise.

Height: Males preferably measure 15.5" (39 cm) or less; females should stand slightly shorter.

Weight: 18 lbs (8 kg) for dogs, 16 lbs (7.1 kg) for bitches .

Coat Type: The Smooth Fox Terrier's coat should be dense, short and shiny. The coat is predominantly white with black or brown splash marks. Regular brushing keeps the coat neat and tidy.

Temperament: This courageous, watchful breed is also extremely affectionate, playful and lively. He loves to participate in fun of all kinds.

Health Problems: Deafness may be a problem in predominantly white dogs.

Special Interest: The Smooth Fox Terrier was one of the first terrier breeds to arrive in North America, where it found instant popularity in the first part of this century. This popularity was partly due to its agreeable nature, but perhaps also in part to the logo of a prominent recording company. Who has never seen the seen the pup at the phonograph, head cocked to one side, listening to "His Master's Voice?"

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