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Dog Breed : English Springer Spaniel

Breed: English Springer Spaniel

Sporting group[Gundog]
Height: 19-20 in
Weight: 40-50 lb

Temperament: willing, active, cheerful, courageous, quick to learn and is eager to please his/her owner.
Origin: Great Britain during the 1800Ăs. The English Springer Spaniel was developed to flush out game from the ground. The way this dog works is how it got its name. It flushes out or ˘springs÷ game, a true spaniel field characteristic. One of the tallest of the spaniels, the English Springer Spaniel is strong and compact. Their body is built to cover all types of terrain with speed and agility. They are another of the English land spaniel group.

The English Springer Spaniel is the fundamental stock from which most other spaniels that we know today were derived. They need plenty of sufficient exercise if it is to be a happy household pet. Good with children. The coat of this spaniel is weather and water resistant, long, and straight. Their wonderful coat protects them from the brush. There is fringing or feathering behind the legs, around the neck and chest, as well as on the the ears. It requires regular and weekly grooming to keep its coat healthy and free from tangles. Their coat does shed. Colors: black/white with tan markings, liver/white with tan markings, black or liver with white markings, predominantly white with black or liver markings, blue or liver companion. Makes a great family dog. Weight needs to be monitored; has a tendency to gain!. Should sleep indoors. This spaniel is not good with other pets within the household, not aggressive toward strange dogs.

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