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Dog Breed : English Bull Dog


Non-sporting Group [Utility]
Medium size
Ht: 14-15 in
Wt: 40-50 lb
Temperament: affectionate, sweet, docile, courageous


The Bulldog originated in the country of Great Britain around the 1800Æs. This breed received its name from an ancient and brutal gambling spectacle known as bull baiting. Many centuries ago, the ancestors of today’s Bulldog grabbed a hold of the nose pads of a tethered bull. The heavy dog then hung on while the bull tried desperately to shake the dog off. 

Today's Bulldog is a very stocky, muscular dog that gets most of its exercise following its master around from room to room within the home! Exercise: minimal daily exercise is required. Bulldogs need to sleep indoors since they can't tolerate temperature extremes and should be protected from such extremes. They can overheat quite easily. They do not do well in hot climates.
The Bulldog is a great family companion with a large heart of gold. They also make great watchdogs. They do have a tendency to snore while sleeping.

The Bulldog's head is quite large and massive, with a short, broad nose. The lower jaw is undershot. They have a short sprig for a tail! They are excellent with children, quite patient. The hair coat is short and smooth. It does shed but only requires the bare minimum in grooming care. A quick once-over with a rubber or soft bristle brush about 2-3 times each week will keep the coat healthy and shiny, aiding in the removal of dead hair. They do need to have their face wrinkles cleaned each week. This can be done with a soft, moist cloth; making sure to dry afterwards. It is also a good idea to put soothing ointment within the deep wrinkles. Training: minimal obedience, socialization. Color: red brindle, brindle, solid white, red, fawn or yellow, piebald. The Bulldog is difficult to breed; most births have to be cesarean, which makes this a more expensive breed to purchase.

Possible health concerns: eyelid and eyelash problems, respiratory problems, skin conditions, heart disease, cleft palate. Life span: 10 years. Be sure to purchase your Bulldog from a reputable breeder in order to find a healthy, happy Bulldog. The Bulldog is good with pets within the home, aggressive toward strange dogs.

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