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Dog Breed : Collie

Collie (Rough)

The Collie originates from Scotland where it has been used as an excellent herder of sheep since before the 14th Century. The original ancestors of the breed were brought to Britain during the Roman Invasion, and later, invading Picts and Scots brought the breed up north to Scotland. The intelligent sheepherder emerged in this area; hence, Scotland is considered the place of origin for this breed. References from the 16th Century depict the dogs capably herding, guarding and driving flocks of sheep.

Height: 24 - 26" (61 - 61cm) for dogs, 22 - 24" (55.9 - 55.9cm) for bitches

Weight: 60 - 75 lbs (26.8 - 26.8 kg) for dogs, 50 - 65 lbs (22.3 - 22.3 kg) for bitches

Coat Type: The Rough coat is long, abundant, straight and harsh to the touch. The undercoat is soft, woolly and extremely dense. The coat is most profuse on chest and neck, and on tail and hindquarters. The acceptable color combinations include Blue Merle, Sable and White, Tricolor, and White. Grooming is a frequent chore and requires thorough brushing to rid coat of dead hair and prevent mats; shedding can also be a problem.

Temperament: The Collie is friendly, watchful and easy to train. He is a personable dog and is especially patient with children, making him an excellent choice for growing families.

Health Problems: Prone to eye problems; epilepsy is suspected to have a genetic component in this breed.

Special Interest: Despite the fact that the breed has been around for centuries, it was often considered common and familiar. Its popularity mushroomed however in the Victorian era when the Queen herself was greatly impressed by this hardworking herder and saw its potential as a showdog. She brought some back with her to the Royal Kennels and since then, the dog has become a favorite the world over. Stories about the breed and the subsequent "Lassie" movies furthered the breed's popularity as well.

AKC: Group 7 - Herding Dogs
CKC: Group 7 - Herding Dogs
KC: Non-Sporting - Working Group
FCI: Group 1
ANKC: Group 5 - Working Dogs

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