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Dog Breed : Boxer


Working group
Medium-large dog
Height: 21-25 in
Weight: Males: 65-80 lb. Females: 50-65 lb.

Temperament: affectionate, playful, lively, loyal, alert

The breeding of Bullenbeisser Mastiffs and Bulldogs as well as Great Danes aided in the development of this noble breed. Their mastiff line traces back to ancient Rome and ever further to Tibet. The BoxerĂs country of origin is Germany around the 1800Ăs. They were used to bait bulls and as guard and watchdogs. They became popular after World War II in the United States.

They are called the Boxer due to how this breed utilizes his/her forepaws when they get themselves into a confrontation. The Boxer is wonderful with children and is a fabulous family pet. They should live indoors where they can be close to their family. The coat of this breed is short, smooth and sheds minimally. Grooming care of the coat is quite minimal, only requiring a quick brushing every so often to remove dead hairs. Colors: fawn or brindle with or without white points. The Boxer requires daily exercise - they love to run and a fenced-in yard is recommended. Can do well in the city as long as he or she receives regular daily exercise and attention. Training: requires early socialization and some obedience training; easy to train. The body of the Boxer is lean and powerful, with its head in proportion to its body. Tail is docked. The Boxer lifespan is about 9-10 years. These dogs should be allowed to sleep indoors - the Boxer is sensitive to temperature extremes. They are good with pets within the home but can be aggressive toward other dogs.

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