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Dog Breed : Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier

Non-sporting group[Utility]
Small-medium dog
Height: 12-14 in
Weight: up to 25 lb


Temperament: sweet, affectionate, docile, intelligent, active, playful
The lively Boston Terrier originated in the United States in the 1800s. Their hometown was the Boston area. The Boston Terrier is one of the few breeds that actually did originate here in the U.S. They were developed from the crossings of such breeds as the Bulldog, the Bull Terrier and the Boxer. Their correct title is Boston Terrier, not Boston Bull. The Boston Terrier carries a sweet expression upon its face, always wanting to be with its master.

This wonderful companion dog is excellent with children. They are perfect for a family dog, or for singles or elderly. They bond strongly to the family, and are especially affectionate to their master. They are patient and kind. Boston Terriers are good with other pets and other dogs.

This breed does have birthing problems due to the broad head of the pups; they can become trapped in the birth canal.
Coat: smooth and short. Their coat does shed, but does not require much grooming attention - enough to brush away dead hairs and keep the coat glossy. Colors: black and white, brindle and white. Training: easy to train, minimal obedience, socialization. They will sound a warning bark should a stranger approach or if they hear strange noises. They should be allowed to sleep indoors - can't tolerate extreme heat or cold. They overheat very easily.

Since Boston Terriers are an active dog, they require daily exercise. They will exercise themselves if given the space and the opportunity! They do have a tendency to snore. They love to jump, leap, and to perform tricks they are quite entertaining. They are also more than happy to take long naps at their master's feet.
There are three weight divisions; Lightweight: less than 15 pounds. Middleweight: 15-20 pounds. Heavyweight: 20-25 pounds.
possible health concerns: eye infections and injury to their protruding eyeballs (eyeball prolapse if sustain a hard blow to the head), juvenile cataracts (look for breeders that have dogs CERF certified). Should be protected from heat, respiratory difficulties.

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