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Dog Breed : Basenji


Hound Group
Height: 16-17 in
Weight: 22-24 lb

Temperament: intelligent, affectionate, cheerful, alert, tireless, aloof with strangers.

They were developed as a hunting dog in Egypt and in the Congo. The word ˘basenji÷ is the African word for Šbush thing. The Basenji was a perfect guide through the jungle, as it would warn its owners of possible danger from wild animals. Basenji are also hunters of small game, hunting by smell as well as by sight. They are a very old breed.

The Basenji was unknown in England until 1937, and only came to America in 1941. They can be described as being fastidiously clean animals. They clean and groom themselves as a cat would. An interesting food favorite of this breed is green vegetables!
They are excellent with children, quite gentle. This adorable little dog makes a fantastic companion! They should be allowed to live indoors, close to their family. The Basenji is good with other dogs living within the home, but they are not good with non-canine pets. They can also be aggressive toward strange dogs. Their coat sheds minimally and requires minimal grooming. The coat is short and smooth. Their ears are small and held erect. Colors: chestnut, black, tricolor, brindle. A very clean dog, they have no detectable odor. The Basenji needs moderate daily exercise. They require socialization and obedience training.
Unique characteristic: it does not bark! It makes a chortling, yodel-like sound instead. It can also climb trees Its Wrinkled forehead gives this dog a thoughtful expression. Tail is tightly curled over its back.
Some possible health concerns: Faconi Syndrome, PRA, Hemolytic Anemia, Hip Dysplasia.

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