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Dog Breed : Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound

Hound Group
Height of males: 26-28". Females: 24-26".
Weight: 50-60 lb

lively, active, courageous, sweet, sensitive, proud

Afghanistan. This dog has been around since 4000 BC. Over the centuries, they traveled in caravans through Arabia and Persia, settling in Northern Afghanistan; hence its name today. This breed of dog was used in the hunting of gazelles and wolves. It was also used to hunt jackals and leopards. Its likeness is pictured along caves of northern Afghanistan. After World War I, the Afghan became popular in the United States and in England. This sighthound is also known as the Tazi.
They are a gentle dog that is good around children. Since they can be stubborn, when it comes to training they require much socialization as a puppy and continued on through adulthood. They are good with other dogs, but not good with other non-canine pets.
The coat is long, thick and silky. This beautiful hair coat requires hours of grooming every week. Sheds minimally. Some of the Afghan coat colors: white, cream (no mask), black, black & tan, black & silver, black & blue, black & tan brindle, blue, black masked silver, black masked cream, black masked red, brindle (brindles come in silvery white to black brindle), brindle domino (rare color), domino (considered an exotic color).
This dog is quite athletic, and as such requires plenty of exercise each and every day. Happiest when able to run; for this reason, they do best in homes with a fenced-in yard. The Afghan loves home and the company of its master. The Afghan withstands heat just as easily as the cold and rain.

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